Lastest works


  1. Only plastic Project

    We modified five production lines in which it was only possible to package bricks in cardboard boxes with or without film. The aim was to also have the option to package only with film and gain more flexibility without having to make costly investments in new machinery. In order to achieve this, cartoners, shrink wrapping machines and conveyor belts were modified.

  2. Restructuring plan for the filling and packaging lines

    The objective was to minimize the non-productive periods and optimize the work areas of the operators, control points, supply routes and the withdrawal or raw material from the packaging rooms. For this, it was necessary to relocate fillers, container conveyors, accumulators, cartoners, shrink wrapping machines and handle or straw applicators. The work was planned and coordinated in order to reduce to the minimum the time needed for production to stop.

  3. Optimization with servomotors of film cutting tables

    The substitution of the mechanical clutches of coiled spring by servomotors. The object of this development is to minimize the production stoppages produced by the wear of this mechanical element. Integrating a servomotor in its place, the non-productive periods and the replacement, cyclically, of the clutch due to wear, have been reduced to the minimum, providing a rapid return on investment.

  4. Development of a new warehouse-cardboard feeder for the cartoners

    The aim was to give a solution for the continuous problems with the original cardboard feeder. The company works with a great variety of cardboard formats and references. We develop a feeding system with two separate stations, one for the cardboard suction and another one that feeds cardboard to the first station. Thereby increasing the system’s reliability and minimizing the adjustments needed to be made for each change of format and cardboard type.

  5. Change of format and flexibility in product lines

    We modified the machines of a brick production line. They were designed for 1.5 liter containers at a speed of 5.000 units per hour. The company wanted to work with 1 liter containers at a speed of 10.000 units per hour. Furthermore, they wanted to connect three product lines with one-way paths in order to offer bigger possibilities in the final packaging. In order to achieve these goals, it was necessary to extend the transport lines and incorporate automatic and manual assembly machines and distributors. The changes have allowed for a greater flexibility in the production processes and for a wider range of formats in the end product.

  6. Pioneers in substituting diesel burners for pellet burners

    Pioneers in substituting diesel burners for pellet burners totally automated in Bakery ovens. Cost reduction in fuel of up to 50% which enables investment payback within a short period of time.