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The packaging industry has found in Hispack in April 2015 the reactivation of the spanish market, with the excellent response from visitors from all the autonomous communities, including Galicia with a representation that has highlighted, once again, CMS S.L. One of the tasks of the company leaded by Jesús Ures and José Manuel Vidal, is to find new trends and products that stand out for the innovation and offer solutions to improve their competitiveness.

CMS has proven the increasing presence of companies from other countries. The international component has gained prominence in this edition with a total of 3,674 overseas visitors. At the fair have been held about 700 working meetings between exhibitors and buyers from 29 countries invited by the organization. With these actions it seeks to promote both packaging and food technology exports.

As well as European countries such as Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom who lead the ranking, this edition shows an increase of professionals from Morocco, Mexico, Tunisia and Colombia. The contacts with national and international companies helps CMS to improve their competitiveness. In terms of supply, Hispack grew in number of exhibiting companies. Thus, the international packaging Hall brought a total of 607 direct exhibitors, 7.6% more than in the 2012 Edition. Of these, 150 were international.

The number of total represented firms amounted to 1.226. CMS also participated in some of the 200 thematic conferences organized in the four thematic areas created in this occasion (Trendpack, Premiumpack, Retail Area and Pack in Hispack).

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