Empack CMS
CMS took part in the Empack 2014, the fair for the professionals of packaging and its logistic that was celebrated in Madrid on November, 5th and 6th. Following its improvement and innovation politics, CMS considered the packaging and packing innovations that the sector worldwide top companies presented in the spanish capital.

The fair relied on more than 7.800 professionals of the packaging sector.  Between them, Jose Manuel Vidal, one of CMS managers that reported of last packings solutions and innovation products. He also got in touch with companies and professionals who would be very dificult to have a contact.

This year, Empack 2014 presented solutions that packaging can reach with new materials, technology, design and new marketing strategies. One of the innovations that surprised Jose Manuel Vidal was Ecopark, a place where he attend to Packaging innovations, the future of branded and inspriration branding. This area showed nowadays new packaging trends.

Empack 2014 Video

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